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Tuesday, December 23, 2008


We are busy prepping for the holidays. This morning it included finishing up our cookie platters for friends & neighbors. Thank goodness for my husband. Now he can make some good looking chocolate dipped pretzels. Although we had a delicious time eating my errors. I made oatmeal cookies too that sunk instead of puffed up. So I took the star cookie cutter & cut out smaller, better oatmeal cookies. Then drizzled them with chocolate. Now that is a cookie!

I think our favorite tradition is the Advent wreath. Who gets to light the candles? Who gets to blow them out? Who gets to say the prayer? This was a special week because we lit all four. Advent is a special time because the kids want to eat dinner just to eat around the wreath. Thank you God.

A new tradition at our house is the Christmas contract. This is a signed agreement between my teen and my pre-teen about when to get up and what to do first - presents or stockings. I love this. I want to keep it as a memory that they at this age, they did get along and could agree on 1 or 2 things.


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