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Saturday, December 13, 2008

Let us all eat cake and then some more cake and maybe some more cake

Blogcation is officially over. I ended up having a long week, as predicted, but it is over officially too. On Sunday, I woke up sick & in denial. I decided I would just get rid of my sickness by running. As I limped back in the door after a few miles, I went straight to the computer to find out when the walk-in clinic opens.

The clinic made it official. I was sick with a sinus infection & nothing sounded good but cake. I did not want it to be just any cake but cake with lots and lots of icing. I wanted cake with lots and lots of flavor. And dangit, I wanted it fancy.

Of course, I went to work on Monday but I knew what to do. I was meeting up with friends at the end of the week and I called bringing the cake! That day I went to the fanciest, schmanciest high-end grocery store called Holiday Market in Royal Oak & stood in front of the cake display for a few long moments trying to decide on just one cake.

What to get? What to savor? What to enjoy? What can I eat the whole of? Voila, here it is the Kahlua mudslide cake with inches, yes inches of flavored whipped cream. It was divine. It was delicious. It was delectable and it was mine.

The evening was awesome with lots of wine and needless to say, lots of cake. I had 2 slices of that cake (a record for me) and also laughed and laughed with great friends. And the next morning, I woke up, went running for the first time in a week and then came home to breakfast of leftover cake!


K said...

Yep, you sure do know how to choose a cake! It was yummy!!

LaMaman said...

ah, cake!

julie said...

Ahh, indeed it was a wonderful cake. Don't you ever sleep?? Blogging at 4:00 am? Are you nuts?
Thanks for the flowers and cake!!

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