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Friday, December 26, 2008

The BabyTeen Book

Wah-wah. Do you miss the cries of your little one? That newborn baby smell? Remember the days of naps & not for you but the baby? That cute first word? The first food they ate? All you have to do is open the baby book and look fondly back at all your memories.

Now I have an idea for a BabyTeen Book. It is not for the feint of heart. It is for the parents of teens. Record all those great & cute firsts that your teen is now dragging you through.

Why? Because you can. Because one day you may look back on this experience wistfully & are glad you end up with an adult. Because you want something to share with your grandchildren. Because you want to know made it through the babyteen years too.

First Page:

A Teen is Born!

Announcing darling _________________________(name) just became a teen.

Second Page:

Gifts received from the begging and pleading teen:

Specific electronic thing_________________

Specific jeans_________________________

Specific shoes_________________________

Specific phone_________________________

Specific food__________________________

Specific music_________________________

Tomorrow Page Three: BabyTeen Firsts

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