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Monday, December 22, 2008

Most Excellent

I am sorry to say that 1 of my favorite shops of all "High Wire Girl's" in B'ham, Michigan is closing. Curse you economy!!! She should have called & I would have Facebooked everyone to go buy something. I also feel horrible because she was selling off all of her old chests and furniture that held all of her wares. I wanted one and felt badly that I did. Luckily, most of them were sold & the one left did not appeal to me. So I had to start my Most Excellent with a Most Horrible but High Wire Girls deserves a good send off.

I have been following the Nie Nie blog for sometime. I have also started to follow her sister's blog called C Jane Run. It is nice to see such a strong, cool, creative family. Keep up the good work & writing. C Jane Run's blogs are always so colorful which is what we need in this dreary part of the world. It is cold & stormy in Michigan. Bleary Christmas!

I am close to the end of my Christmas shopping and wouldn't you know it, the kids grew out of their winter stuff. It took a storm to show me that they were busting through their heavy coats & snow pants. So I took my 13 year old daughter to Target to buy a $17 pair of boy's black snowpants. You go Target because even at Marshall's & TJMaxx the snowpants were at least $50!!! My daughter is a pro at finding a bargain in the boys & girl's section size XL or XXL.

I also love REI. I found a great down coat there for my son for $70 bucks and we could use our annual member discount of 20% off! I have not been to REI in awhile & I forgotten how much it feeds my quasi-outdoor-but-rather-be-indoor-soul. I mean after all, I do have to run outdoors! I also found him the the face mask that will let him be outside for a few hours in this crazy winter weather. Plus right now their North Face boy's coats are marked way down.


How excellent is most excellent? Does it seem like I love to shop? Yes, I do. You caught me. But I also love a deal and that is the most excellent of all!

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