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Friday, January 2, 2009

Vacation within a Vacation

We are water park people. We just spent two days in Cincinnati with friends and 1 night at the indoor water park. It is a little noisy in there but a constant 75 degrees and a hot tub make it bearable.

Here is how it goes. My kids, my husband and I go to the hotel. We put on our swimsuits. We grab books and little else. We walk down the hall and through the doors. Voila instant relief from a harsh Michigan winter. When we are done we do not even have to go back outside.

The kids like to get in the water park early so they can do all of the slides before the lines start. Then it is so hard to choose what to do next so they are running back and forth from the lazy river to the wave pool. I am sitting in a chair/lounger watching them and reading a book. My husband goes between relaxing with me and hanging out with the kids.

Why am I not in the water? I am cold. It takes a lot to get me in the water because after I get in then I shiver and shake. But I do have a favorite place. You can find me in the hot tub. My husband and I were in there and my daughter came up. She jumped in and said "I knew I would find you in here." Not five minutes later, my son came wondering up and he said, "I knew I would find you in here."

So if you are ever looking for me...

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