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Thursday, January 15, 2009

10 year old boy logic

I was just cleaning the house & had to stop because I remembered what my 10 year old son said this morning.

You know it is cold here right? Well, my son has a new reversible coat from REI. He normally wears his "cooler" North Face lighter jacket. In the recent Arctic cold weather I have put my foot down & made him wear the new, warmer down coat.

As we were walking into school today I asked if he liked his jacket.

"Oh yeah!" he said, "I love it!"

"Why?" I asked smugly, "Because it is so warm?"

"No," he responded, "because I can take the jacket off and never have to worry about which side is on the outside when I put it back on."

It is reversible remember.

We also bought the kids Trivial Pursuit for Christmas. We played for the first time last weekend. My son's question for the pie was: "What are the Mojave, Kalahari & Sahara?"

"Oh, I do know this one!" he screamed. "They are WATER PARKS!"

I told you we are water park people. The Kalahari is a huge water park in Sandusky, Ohio.

Gotta love 10 year old boy logic.

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Aunt Sue said...

This is the same boy that got Titanic as a word in charades at Christmas one year...

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