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Monday, January 19, 2009

Nicknames for all

If you hear me calling my son, you may hear 6-7 different names for him other than his real one. He goes by D, D-D, Duda, Duda-menuda, little Duda, Dudemahn & the ever popular French version of his name. All of them are shortened versions of his real name.

Ri, my daughter also has several nicknames. Ri is the shortened version of her name. Then you double it to make Ri-ri. She can also be called by her middle name Aisling or you could go with Ashleenie. The best one is she is called Beana after our old family dog. (this is supposed to be an endearment)

Yes, the dogs even have nicknames! My dog has a real proper name which is Mr. Smith. However, he has always gone by Smitty or the ever popular Schmooey.

My parent's dog, Maggie can be called Mags or Magalicious. She will answer to either but you better have a treat for her.

In our earlier years, my sisters & I made up cheers for the family dogs. Keep in mind that we did not have cable & had to entertain ourselves.

So Bailey a.k.a Beana had a cheer that went like this:

"K u beana, o.k. u Beana, k u Beana, o.k. u Beana now."

We would sing this over & over maddeningly until she would run out of the room. Again, we had no cable!

I have several nicknames but I refuse to go by "Marty". You can ask anybody. It just does not fit. You can call me Marf, Dartha, Marf-u, Mar but stay away from the Marty.

My husband goes by "Cheez". This has nothing to do with cheese but the name has come about from shortening a long series of nicknames. Yes, we have been together a mighty long time.

My sister's nicknames could fill a whole other blog. Plus my parents do not even know half of what we call them.

So, do you have an endless amount of nicknames? Do you have cable? Do you find silly ways to entertain yourself?

If yes, keep up the good work!

I have posted two pics of D & Ri enjoying their snow-laden 4 day long wintry weekend. As you can see in the pics of Ri & D that we do have cable but Twilight is upon us at our house.

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Aunt Sue said...

What about

Casey bailey, bailey casey, casey bailey.. casey bailey casey bailey bailey casey.. casey bailey bailey casey casey bailey casey bailey bailey casey casey basiley awoooooooooooooooooooo

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