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Sunday, January 25, 2009

Most Excellent

Had a decent weekend & I ate a lot. I thought I would take you to a few of the restaurants we ate at around here.

First of all, Starbucks has some decadent looking cupcakes this year for V-day. They are the kind I like because they are topped with a lot of frosting. Who needs the cake underneath?

We grabbed a quick lunch yesterday at Hunter House in Birmingham. Here is what I read about it & I agree "cheap eats with a retro groove...bobby socks are optional." It is a plain white building on Woodward Avenue but inside you are back in the days of a good old-fashioned hamburger joint with reasonable prices. The menu isn't much but my kids have their favorites - a hamburger with or without onions. I get the grilled cheese with extra pickles on the side.

Last night, my husband & I went out to see Slumdog Millionaire in Royal Oak but it was sold out. We went down the street to the the Little Tree Sushi Bar. That was a fun change because we ordered a little of this & a little of that...yum!

We never made it to the movie & tried to walk around but it was too cold. We ended up sharing a cozy pot of tea at Bean & Leaf Cafe. It was so warm & nice in there that I had to make myself go back out into the Arctic cold. (Mental note to self open a coffee shop in the Arctic)

Today is a birthday bash at the Green Lantern in Madison Heights. They serve the best pizza there. It is small & casual so it is o.k. to take the kids there & everybody can relax no matter what the kids do.

Did I leave anything out....oh yeah, my mom is making me a cake with Heath bar crunchies, coffee ice cram & cake. Yum!!!

I better go back out & run some more.

(photo from http://local.yahoo.com/slideshow.php?id=41191474&start=)

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paulhitz said...

the Bean & Leaf is a great place for coffee, tea and photography!

come back on Feb 20th for a party there, we clear out all of the table and chairs and talk about all the new photography on the walls, all 5 photogs will be there AND a DJ, not your usual coffee shop!

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