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Saturday, June 7, 2008

Summertime & the livin' is

I love the beginning of summer. I have a list. (It is only in my mind. It is summer & I should taking it easy. O.k., it will now be on this blog too) I know what I want to do & when i want to do it. This list will be great and I have so much time to do it.

This summer for our family will be a cool summer. It will not be because of the temperature but because my kids are older. Everyone is working on the art of sleeping in. That is first on list, going slowly.

We are going to use as little gas as possible. We will be biking, biking, biking. This should work in my favor. I will should be able to burn off a few more calories.

We will be having ice cream for dinner. My kids love ice cream. When we get it though there is usually a cap on what they can get. For this dinner, they can get whatever they want. Of course, we'll bike there.

I am super-excited about going strawberry picking. In my older age, I am reverting to better times & memories. I remember berry picking with my mom. I do not remember what she did with all of those berries. For me, I am hoping to have frozen berries for the winter.

We will be playing tennis, watching tennis & practicing for football. We are a sports-oriented family. I just got new shoes for tennis & I can't wait to try them out. My oldest is on the club tennis team which is always fun to watch. My youngest is playing football in the fall which starts in July!

We will be grilling out. We have a new pattern at our house. My youngest is old enough to help me cook. He turns on the grill & helps cook the meat. As we are sitting around eating dinner, he then wants to play Taboo. It seems to be becoming a tradition.

Finding a new game & Scrabble. It seems every summer we get hooked on a new board game. The kids find it first either at the club or from a friend's house. We buy one ourselves and play it endlessly. We also play Scrabble on Sundays after dinner with grandpa. It is funny but nobody ever plans these games. They just always end up happening.

Reading, reading, reading. I never have enough time to read during the year. I try to make up for it over the summer. The kids have always signed up for the reading program at our local library. Sadly, I think this year both are too old. I will try one more time with my youngest. I think we have to come up with our own program.

Looking at this list, it looks so simple. There is nothing complicated & nothing rushed. So maybe it is not a list. I do not have to check these items off. I know they will get done on their own time.

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