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Tuesday, June 17, 2008

I love the '00's - NOT

I just watched "I love the 70's" on VH1 today. I can't believe it but I miss the 70's. I remember my Malibu Beach Barbie fondly. I had 2 K-Tel records which made a pre-teen extra cool. I longed for those shoes with the skates built in. What I remember most of all is my parents. My mom with her Dorothy Hamill bob and extra big sunglasses playing bridge and making tacos by hand. (She actually fried up the tortilla shells for us) My dad in his plaid shorts and huge sideburns mowing the lawn every Saturday and just trying to catch a score of a game on the t.v. in between. The supermarket was filled with Tang, sugar cereals and hamburger Helper and nobody cared.

Do I love the 00's? Will I look back fondly on all of the events now that we are 8 years into it? I do not own an IPod. I do not have a have Smart car. I have not gone green, well maybe lime green. We have failed to buy a new HDTV. I do have extra big sunglasses and play Euchre. Those two things just make me feel like I am copying times past.

I also cry every time I fill up my gas tank. I cringe when I have to buy milk. I hate plastic water bottles now because they cause cancer. Well, come to think of it, everything in the 00's cause cancer. My clothes are all made by little children in sweatshops in countries I can't find on the map. We pay twice as many bills as my parents because we have two phones, Internet service and cable.

Maybe the 00's are called the 00's because they are adding up to nothing. I am trying to stay upbeat. I know my kids will be able to get a few semesters of college in. We however cannot pass the car onto them because it will be obsolete by then. I know that I am buying local produce even though it costs twice as much. Do you think the people at VH-1 are already starting to write "I love the 00's" or will they change the format to "Can't wait for the 00's to end."?

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