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Wednesday, June 25, 2008

For every season eat, eat and eat some more

Mmmm I have in my fridge right now fresh strawberries, berry pie, tabbouleh and hummus. I just realized I not only like cakes and pies but I am a seasonal eater. It happened all of sudden last week when the sun came out and my stomach started growling. It wanted specific things like ripe berries with whip cream, of course, and vine-ripened tomatoes.

I suffer willingly from this affliction. I love to try new food and I change my menu weekly when I go to the store. It feels like these menus depend on the season. I do not want strawberries in November. In November, I am craving pumpkin pie and stews rich with potatoes and chunks of beef. After those cravings go away, I am onto sugar cookies and Mexican tea cakes. Can anyone say Christmas?

I know it sounds like my stomach wants holiday foods but in the spring I crave asparagus and in the fall it is squash. I have yet to see a holiday revolving around a long green stalk of asparagus. I don't just see the foods in the store front and center for me to buy to want them. It seems my brain and my stomach know what it wants before I enter the grocery store.

I would never fight these cravings. I relish them - not to make a pun. I love these long days of June. I am storing up as much sun as I can for the long, hard Michigan winters. Part of the our summer tradition now is to go to the farmer's market where my choices are fresh, local produce. Luckily, whatever they offer looks great to me. I love the bowl of fresh salad in June with a side of berries but please do not forget the whipped cream!

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