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Monday, June 23, 2008

Am I frugally green enough?

As I am the middle of a huge life change, I have two goals. One is to be more frugal. The other is to help the environment. I believe doing one lends itself to doing the other but do either make a big enough impact? I am trying to buy less, do less less, drive less and basically breathe less.

The frugality is interesting because I have children. They need so much. They do so much. I have cut down on purchases and extras for myself. I have to question though how frugal I am when I spend so much on my kids. Plus the main reason I use my car is to drive them here and there. By the way, where are you carpool moms?

I am buying less too. So I have cut down all of the packaged things I used to buy. I am buying more in bulk and in larger packages. You should see my bag of flour. I am trying to bake bread. The sad thing is it so good when it done, the whole family eats all of the freshly baked bread in1 hour much less 1 day! I have tried to say bye-bye to plastic bags. I use my recycled bags when I remember them! Why doesn't Target have the bags you can use & bring back?

I do not know if I am making an impact on the world or my own pocket book. My husband says our monthly savings are up. My kids say the bread is good. I am biking 20% of the time which should help my saddle bags. So maybe I should be happy with the little changess and hope it all falls into place from there.

p.s. Does anyone have a used scooter with 3 side carts for sale to replace my mini-van?

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