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Monday, July 28, 2008

Time travel

I just came back from being out of town for a few days BY MYSELF. Well what I mean to say is without my family but with work people. I am first and foremost a mom but it is amazing how quickly one adjusts oneself back to being just responsible for oneself.

The biggest luxury of being responsible for only oneself is time. What does one do with all of that time? There are a few choices; eat, eat, drink, drink, walk for awhile, shop for awhile, eat, eat, drink, sleep and then roll over and sleep some more. I actually had time to blow dry my hair and it looked really good. I was in Texas with the dry heat, I had very little frizz!

I remember when I had my babies & I wondered what I did with all the time before. It seemed back then that there was never enough time in the day! I loved it though. Then as the kids grew, I was not needed 24/7 and I started to get more time to myself. But it wasn't a full day or consistent. It also wasn't lonely because I knew my family was always around.

I know someday soon, sooner than I want, the kids will leave. I will have time again. It will be weird, It will be awkward but it will also be nice. This business trip was just a peek into my future, time travel if you will. I am staring a list in the back of my mind to help fill that time. It will probably look like my business trip; eat, eat, drink, etc!

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