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Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Pass it on

I spent today going through stuff. We have clothes, boots, books and more stuff. How I do get so much? How do I give so much away? I ended up having 3 piles. 1 pile was for the Salvation Army but the other 2 piles are for friend's kids. This is my favorite part of passing it on.

When I was young I hated hand-me-downs but of course but as an adult I see the value in them. I came from a family of four girls. Luckily I was the second oldest so I did not suffer with really worn clothes but I did get some. My youngest sister had a choice between two sets of clothing since my other sister and I were 19 months apart. We often wore the same size. So why would I want to subject anyone else to hand-me-downs?

My kids grow so fast that often they outgrow the clothes before they have actually been worn. Other times my kid had to have an article of clothing but when it came home it sat in the closet never to be worn. Another major reason for giving clothes away is that some of the clothes they received were so cute that they just had to be passed on. I think each reason is valid in its own way and I want to hand over these great clothes so they can be used enough times.

Sadly, I have a girl and a boy and passing clothes on from one sibling to the other is challenging. I bought many non-gender boots, pj's and sweatshirts. I wish I had two of each so that the smocked baby dress could have been worn again or the adorable overalls my son had at 9 mos. could have been shown off again. I couldn't cross the gender lines though. I had a friend who made her son when he was baby/toddler wear girly pj's because no one would see him. I wonder about him to this day...

I am a huge advocate of recycling. I think this is 1 major way to keep the earth greener. I still get hand-me-overs from sisters still occasionally. I am also not above "borrowing" from my husbands or now my grown daughter's closet. I myself am a huge fan of making the earth green by buying my clothes on sale but that is another story.

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