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Thursday, July 3, 2008

Creative, creatif,, creativo

So here I am in the midst of my life. I had a horrible spring, weather included. I was hoping summer would be cool but not in terms of the weather. I have to admit I feel very creative and crazy this summer. My schedule will be full for the next year as I have decided to finish my minor in Spanish.

I enjoy doing this daily blog too. It is a distraction from the Spanish work. I am amazed at how much I remember in Spanish and also how little I do know in Spanish at the same time. I am also taking a class with college aged kids and it is an interesting dynamic being the oldest BY FAR in the class. In fact, 1 girl said she was born the year I started college back in 1987!

I hope I have the energy to keep it up. I do know that I have good kids,a supportive husband and lots of help from parents and friends. Maybe this crazy Michigan summer which is keeping me out the sun is helping too.

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