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Monday, July 21, 2008


I can't believe we are half-way through summer! Today is my favorite type of day too. I love summer mornings with the sun shining down and the promise of a new & perfectly warm day. Mornings seems so much calmer in the summer.

I wait for my kids to roll out of bed. I love to see what my son's hair with look like. He has the best bed-head. I have nowhere to send the kids. I have nowhere to go. I take my time getting ready. I blog. I read. I google silly things. I look at my Facebook account. I check my tomatoes & zucchini growing in the backyard.

I wish I could get lost in summer mornings. I know that sounds like a silly song lyric but it truly is my favorite part of the day and the year. It seems so unfair to have months and mornings like January-March have. I know, I know, nature needs all of the seasons.

My dream is to end up in Barbados or Martinique or somewhere where summer is stretched out through the whole year. I promise I will not get sick of it. For now I will take June, July and August. I will remember them for when January - March comes.

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