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Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Thankful days

I couldn't help it but I do get a little nostalgic at this time. Here is a list of my favorite T-day memories.

#1 T-day up North with my grandparents who lived on a hill. We would sled & sled. We would go back in with soggy mittens & put them on the heater to dry. We wanted to sled so badly that we couldn't wait for them to dry. Then we would sit down to a dinner table so filled with food, it was truly a feast. (Plus my grandma's cherry pie that almost always had a pit that almost always ended up in my dad's mouth. Whenever I get a pit in my pie now, I think she is looking down at us)

#2 A T-day in Cincinnati when it was just my husband and moi. My first use of the good china. We heaped the plates with Stove Stop stuffing (not interested in cooking then) It was a day so brilliant we could barely go inside to eat.

#3 T-days with toddlers & babies when we would be at Grandma & Grandpa's & put them in their pj's for the ride home. It was such a serene time driving home with little ones all settled in the back of the car under their blankets.

#4 My 1st Turkey Trot race downtown with all of the fun people who show up not just to run but to enjoy the day before digging in.

#5 A T-day at my house when we were young. My grandparents actually came to us. We did the Detroit T-day parade. My grandma burned all the bread stored in the upper oven that my mom never used but logically stored bread in.

#6 My daughter's 1st T-day when I dressed her up in the littlest dress. She was only 2 months old. She had on the littlest tights too.

We are entering T-day with pre-teens & teens. We now play an annual football game & then watch the kids entertain themselves while we relax & talk. So enjoy your T-day with your family & don't just fill up on food but fill up on memories too.

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