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Sunday, November 23, 2008

If a cell phone goes off in the woods, who will hear it?

A few years ago I asked the kids if they wanted to go on an adventure. That adventure has turned into 1 of our favorite places in the world and it is 1 mile away from our house. It is an extremely tiny nature park called the Douglas Evans Nature Preserve. (http://www.rougeriver.com/wildlife/recreation/evans.html) It is a beautiful place where the Rouge River winds around and in between the land creating small islands that my son wants to own one day.

We get "lost" in that small section of nature. We cross the river in daring ways over trees that have fallen so perfectly that they have become bridges. Today, we found a tepee of sorts that someone else made. We opened up a few milk pods and let the seeds float away. It was pretty nice & cool & not a shopping mall.

The kids kept finding patches of ice in the low-lying areas that they wanted to skate on. On the way out, they found a huge patch so we left them there. We kept going but could hear them. Then I heard "Mom!?". I yelled where we were and we kept on walking. They were completely out of view but we knew they were o.k. My husband & I enjoyed the quiet and talked for a few minutes. Eventually a few minutes became ten but I did not feel like walking back. Then the cell phone rang. My husband picked it up & heard "Mom?! Dad?!? Where are you?" My husband then proceeded to shout "We are over here."

What would we do without cell phones? How would they ever have found us? Could they have gone around the bend & looked? No, our kids opt for the modern way & call us. Dare I say "nature calls"? (bad joke but I could not resist)


Aunt Sue said...

No mention of the great dog swim of 2008...

LaMaman said...

Yes, Maggie is not so good with nature either. Where was super Joe when you need him?

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