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Friday, November 21, 2008

Saving your pennies and earning some...

I have so many friends who want to cut back on their budgets but how? It seems like when we think of cutting back, we think big but it is the small things that can help ease your budget.

First; make what you can like bread and cakes and granola bars & buy in bigger packaging. You spend so much on the packaging.
This is a decent granola bar recipe

Second; go to Aldi's. The store in Clawson is great. It is on 14 mile a few blocks east on Woodward. They sell milk for way lower than most other stores so stock up. But remember they do not take credit cards, bring your own bags and have a quarter to rent your cart. I buy lots of fruit there.


Third; cut down on snacks & pre-packaged stuff in your home. Popcorn is so economical.

Fourth; ask yourself why are you buying it & really, why are you buying it? I am constantly amazed at the people who buy lounge wear. When did this become a clothing category. Do you really need work clothes, play clothes, lounge clothes & active wear?

Fifth; sell your kids old, slightly used stuff. If they have grown out of their clothes then resell them. I once made $100 the year Riley was born after I sold all of her baby presents that she outgrew. I bought all of her Christmas presents with that money. 3 great places in Detroit are:

Children's Orchard


Funky Frog in Rochester


Once Upon a Child


Sixth; Water things down. You won't believe how much you save buy watering down your fabric softener, detergent, soap, etc. when it gets to be half full. It still cleans just as well.


Seventh; make bigger and better meals & serve leftovers. Plus plan out your week of meals. What can you do for a week with a whole chicken? Don't serve meat for at least 1 dinner. You would not believe it but there are Depression era recipe books you can look through too. They were geniuses at shaving off pennies from their budgets.

Good luck & hope money comes your way!

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